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Looking for a new puppy?

I was a hobby breeder of small cross breed designer puppies for over six years. We still operate a service called Puppies sale near me, matching puppies and people.

I loved my time as a breeder and we treated all of our dogs and puppies like children. I learned a good deal about puppies and dog behavior; at one time we had five adult female dogs plus puppies living in the house with us. We humans literally lived in a house that was for the dogs.

To come and visit, you would find our house clean and the animals friendly, engaging and well cared for; hobby breeding was our whole life while we were doing it.

It was a lot of work, and we were rewarded with a great deal of joy in raising puppies and matching them with their forever homes.

Are you looking to pick a puppy and need some help? This page is full of resources to help you pick your perfect puppy. Browse through the many pictures we've taken over the years of various designer puppy crossbreeds, or explore the potential for getting your new family member through a dog rescue organization.

I'm especially pleased to have discovered the television show "Pick A Puppy" - we could have easily been portrayed as one of the breeders when we were in the business. The show covers great questions to be asked by prospective new puppy owners and what to look for in the puppy's first home.

On Pick A Puppy, you can choose to be matched up with a puppy or adult dog from a reputable breeder or a rescue organization. That rescue dogs are options for families is what I love most about the show.

 Picking A New Puppy Is Adopting A New Family Member
Important Considerations

Picking a puppy can be one of the most important decisions a family can make. A puppy is a commitment that can last up to twenty years for some pets. Puppies should never be bought on a whim, but should be welcomed into the family home after much research and planning.

It's important to consider your family dynamics and breed characteristics when choosing a new puppy. Is your family highly active and looking for a puppy that has high energy? Or perhaps your family no longer had children in the home, and you're looking for a more relaxed canine companion.

There's a family for every dog, and a dog for every family. It just takes a little preliminary research in order to make a good match that will last a lifetime.


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